Among the many positives of the insurgence of digital marketing is, without a doubt, the invaluable data that it provides us with. We all know that data is invaluable – why else would people be so fiercely protective over it? – but do you know why? How can we use the data left in the wake of people’s virtual actions to enhance both our digital advertising activities and the success of our businesses? We’d like to share with you 5 crucial pieces of data used by marketers to analyse the performance of digital adverts.

1. Click-through rate / CTR

Arguably the most important piece of data of them all, this little number represents the percentage of people who clicked on the advert having seen it. When you know how to use it, the CTR can tell you how well your advert is being received, whether it’s aimed at the right audience, and how tantalising your call-to-action is.

2. Impressions

Whilst it is, of course, important for people to see your advert, a high amount of people having seen it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been successful. If your overall objective is for people to sign up for a free day pass to your gym, the number of impressions that your advert has received is almost irrelevant. Of most importance is the number of clicks and the click-through rate.

3. Cost-per-click / CPC

This figure does what it says on the tin and tells you the average amount you are paying for each click you receive on your advert. The value of this really comes as you are checking the performance of your adverts and your budget allocations during campaigns. The most important question to ask yourself is: are you happy to pay that amount for someone to reach your website?

4. Bounce rate

This figure represents the number of visitors who left your website without viewing any other pages. The bounce rate can be used to analyse several aspects of your advertising campaign, including the impact of your landing page and the relevancy of your advert.

5. Keywords and search terms

Most relevant to Google Ads, keywords and search terms provide the sole means of your advert being discovered. No views, no clicks (see – I told you impressions were still important!).  The performance of your keywords can provide vital insights as to the efficacy of your advert, the accuracy of your targeting, and the interests of your audience. Similarly, search terms can give you further information about the intentions of your audience, as well as alerting you to any potential negative keywords.

Impressions: the number of times an advert appears on someone’s screen – this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve seen it!

Search terms: the phrase entered into a search engine whose results triggered your advert to be displayed

Negative keywords: manually selected keywords which prevent your advert from being displayed when these terms are searched for

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