10 Top Tips for Marketing your Next Fitness Launch

When launching a new gym, fitness class, activity, or concept, developing and executing a relevant and effective marketing plan is vital in order to have the best chance of a successful launch.

From establishing a powerful digital campaign to maximising your offline presence, here are our 10 top tips which you may wish to consider when marketing your next fitness launch.

  1. Know your audience and aims – Before you start planning your fitness launch it is important that you firstly decide on your campaign goals and the audience you are aiming to target, as this will help determine which channels and elements of the marketing mix to use. Often there will be a range of demographics which will mean that your campaign requires a multi-channel approach, from TikTok advertising to more traditional print marketing.

  2. Be clear on your branding – Focus on a strong brand identity from the start and integrate all campaigns so that there is consistency of both your creatives and copy across all channels. More often than not, your prospects will see your campaign across multiple channels (in fact, on average most marketing campaigns require an average of 8 touchpoints). Therefore, it is important that the branding is consistent and that your adverts are identifiable in order to resonate with your audience across multiple channels.

  3. Create a website landing page – Showcase your new facilities or fitness concept with a slick landing page that includes images and videos of the offering, useful information, a strong call-to-action and a contact form if you are looking to generate leads.

  4. Optimise for local search – Make sure you have an up-to-date Google MyBusiness page with correct information, recent images and contact information (the great thing is this doesn’t cost you a penny!) MyBusiness listings not only include reviews on your facilities but also provide the opportunity to promote your latest offers and news stories.

  5. Run email marketing and text campaigns – Utilise your databases by keeping prospects informed about the progress and the any introductory offers (just be sure to follow GDPR compliance and not bombard your prospects with too many messages!) With more restrictions on the way when it comes to tracking and cookies, the use of 1st party data will become essential to any leisure operator looking to communicate with prospective customers.

  6. Don’t rely on organic marketing – Whilst word-of-mouth can be extremely powerful, a common mistake is relying on organic channels and under-spending on digital pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as social media, search, display and video advertising. If you have a limited budget, choose which channels are going to be the most cost-effective as well as the most relevant to your audience.

  7. Create a content calendar – Plan your organic social media content in advance, focussing on a small selection of key content pillars. Create excitement using countdowns, show sneak peaks of the new offering and prioritise video posts where possible in order to optimise reach and engagement. Click here for 50 free content ideas.

  8. Take it offline – Run an open weekend event for prospects to come along and see your new gym, product or service in person. If you can, offer this either for free or at a discounted one-off rate to help generate leads. Follow-up on these leads with an exclusive offer and use this as an opportunity to gain feedback and testimonials.

  9. Collaborate – Send local micro-influencers invitations to your open weekend event or ask to work with complimentary local businesses in order to raise awareness (just do your research beforehand to make sure that the influencer or business you choose compliments your brand values and ethos with no conflict of interest – both parties should benefit from the relationship).

  10. Don’t forget your current members – It’s important to thank your existing members, especially if they have been inconvenienced by any refurbishment work carried out or have had their services reduced for a period of time. By offering member rewards such as a freeze on their current membership rate, referral gifts or exclusive member events you can maximise retention.

TA6 have supported over 100 new product launches ranging from brand new leisure centres to localised new activities, and if you’d like to discuss how we can help with your next launch please contact us today.

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