How to Create an Engaging Virtual Fitness Class

With a lot of instructors taking their fitness classes online, we wanted to share with you tips on how to create an engaging visual experience that keeps your members coming back each day and week.


Take the time to ensure you are working out in a space that is visually appealing for people to watch. You may need to move the dining room table, or reshuffle the chairs in the living room – plan this before you start your live stream. A great idea is to set the room like a stage set, maybe have the gym logo on the television screen, or place gym equipment as a backdrop. Set your camera to a good level so that you’re looking downward slightly, rather than up.


As we know, music is a great tool to drive motivation. However, if the sound quality is not the best, this may be distracting and ruin the experience.  Consider using no music and encouraging your audience to put on their own playlist at home. Share your favourite playlist for added engagement.
If you are looking to use music, ensure you have purchased music that says it is Royalty or Licence free. 


In a live class, we know that using people’s names can be a real motivator and great connection tool. Think about starting your class a couple of minutes early, giving you time to see who is joining you online and when the going gets tough in the workout, give them a shout out.
Be sure at the end of your session/class to tell members what is coming on the virtual timetable or what you will be doing next week at the same time.
If the workout is then posted onto Facebook after the live has finished, stick around to answer questions, say well done in the comments to build even stronger connections. 


There are several ways we can motivate people and a great way is to use Internal cues. Acknowledging when a move is getting tough and where they should be feeling it, i.e. “can you feel your legs burning in this squat?”, gives you an instant connection with your virtual members. This recognition gives them approval that it should feel tough and that you are with them.


Ensure your whole body can be seen. A great idea is to wear a contrast of colours for your top and bottoms to ensure your audience can see your movement quality.


Ensure you can be heard, do a sound check before you start. Use short, sharp cues to deliver your coaching cues and allow them time to land. Be meaningful with what you are saying to create cues that land.


Before everyone session, just like a real-life class, do a virtual safety check and session introduction. Give brief introduction to the session and consider covering cover how long, what type of moves, how to reduce intensity, the space required, equipment needed, potential obstacles to remove (pets / children / ornaments etc.) and to only take part if they are fit and well to do so.


Article written by:

Claire Place

Marketing Account Manager

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