When is a Marketing Agency Not a Marketing Agency?

At TA6 we often find it difficult to explain what we do.  Not because we don’t know, but because we have such a range of services it is difficult to define us as one type of business.  We find it easy to use the terms ‘Marketing Agency’ and ‘Training Provider’ but it always feels like we’re undervaluing the extent of our support.

TA6 was created 3 years ago and had previously been operating since 1999 as the support division of Alliance Leisure

It is still very much a key part of Alliance Leisure and the name itself is born from the post code of our head office. But back in 2017 we felt it was right to define the support team with their own brand and identity. No longer would clients assume that Alliance did marketing ‘on the side’ or that training wasn’t a core part of our business.

Since 2017 the team has grown, our client list has grown and our reputation has exceeded our expectations, proving it was the right move at the right time.  But we still face the question of what does TA6 do?  And its simple really, we do 3 things:

⚡ Drive income and make leisure sustainable
⚡ Empower and develop the leisure sector workforce
⚡ Improve the health and wellbeing of the nation

Therefore to label ourselves as just a marketing agency or just a training provider serves to undervalue the impact we make with our clients. 

You can download our marketing brochure here and take a look at the range of marketing services we provide, but what this won’t explain is the support we provide on reviewing pricing policies, analysing the culture of an organisation and supporting the senior management team to make a positive difference, being a critical friend who can challenge ways of working that may need a review, or mentoring a duty manager team to take commercial ownership of the business and drive income and success.

A marketing agency will often charge a retainer or offer a fixed service agreement for a set amount of services. TA6 does this, but we also feel we go beyond a simple contractual arrangement. If you talk to our clients you’ll hear how we become an integral part of their staff and management team – a true partner to the organisation and not simply a supplier. 

⚡ Power Pack ⚡

Alongside the more traditional payment options our Power Pack solution provides a comprehensive package of support ranging from brand development, impact sales support, staff training, marketing campaigns, mystery shoppers, account management, customer surveys and more! 

Each Power Pack is tailored to the needs of a client as some operators may have in-house provision of specific services covered. Payment to TA6 is only made when pre-agreed income targets have been surpassed, thus removing any upfront costs to an operator.  The principle of a Power Pack is that TA6 will help grow income beyond current levels and therefore any payment to TA6 is from revenue that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

And finally, if an operator does want to work with us in a marketing agency capacity then they are working with a team of leisure managers, personal trainers, sports coaches, leisure consultants and group fitness instructors who specialise in an industry they all hold a passion for.

So when is a marketing agency not a marketing agency?

When it's TA6.

A highly skilled team of leisure experts dedicated to ensuring our clients and their businesses thrive.
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