It may sound obvious, but before you do any kind of advertising, it’s essential to have very specific target audiences in mind. You may think you have a rough idea of who you’re marketing towards but understanding your audience on a deeper level allows you to speak more clearly and personally to potential customers. Wouldn’t you be more inclined towards a company who truly understood and catered towards your goals and motivations?

Follow our guide to identifying and understanding your target audience – you may be surprised by the results.

1. Familiarise yourself with your business’s mission and features

Truly understanding your business and what it has to offer plays an essential role in being able to identify and speak to your target audience. List the features of your business and the benefits that it brings to people. Later, you’ll be able to match these up to your customer profiles.  Consider all the products your business has to offer and identify where customers may be interested in multiple activities.

2. Create your customer profiles

These could take any number of different categories: age groups; interests; family arrangements; fitness levels. If you’re struggling with where to start, look at the customers you’ve already got. Who are they? What are their interests and characteristics? Who are the most loyal customers? Which customers are less committed?  Are there any customers you’d like to attract that you’re currently unable to?

3. Step into their shoes

Work through each profile to determine the following:

  • What is their goal, the goal that has brought them to your business? e.g. To improve health due to age, to lose weight, or to socialise. They can also have more than one goal.
  • Which networks are they using? Examples are Google, Facebook, Instagram, email, local newspaper. This is a quick and easy way to identify which networks you should be advertising on.
  • What aspect of your business would be most appealing to them? You can return to your business features for this. Is it the convenience, the price, the range of activities and facilities? Each profile will have different incentives and interests, and it’s important to identify as many as you can.

4. Speak to your audience

You now have all the tools to be able to communicate effectively with your prime audience: you know how to get in touch with them (via the networks they use), what their motivations are, and what extra features of your business will really wow them.

TA6 have a wealth of experience in identifying target audiences, as well as understanding how best to reach them. We’re here to share our knowledge and help you to be able to achieve this for your business.

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