10 People Joined Yesterday 

Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in attitudes towards health and wellbeing, and how people can access and undertake activity. As a result of this, leisure operators have had to evolve and rethink how users are attracted, supported and retained.

Most operators have some form of acquisition, onboarding and retention processes in place but at TA6 we encourage them to ask the question “If 10 people joined yesterday, do you know what happened to them?”.  This encourages you to analyse what you really know about your new customers and members and if you are really giving them the best initial experience into your services. 

Latest Research

In a TA6 report due to be published in June 2022 we identified that 52% operators reported less than half their new members received a structured onboarding session, over 80% reported less than half of new members have prescribed workout plans and 52% had no digital onboarding journey.

The TA6 philosophy of “Meeting People Where They Are” is built around the idea that every potential or new customer has different experience, expectations and needs from their engagement with activity and your facilities so a one-size fits all approach to member experience cannot support individuals. 

The last few years has highlighted more then ever before that facilities aren’t the sole providers of exercise options. People can be active anywhere and access to online fitness, home equipment, advice and technology means there was potential for facilities to become obsolete.  However, the leisure industry has shown a strong bounce back after long term closures. Why? Partly because of activities such as swimming that cannot be accessed elsewhere but mainly because people want to be part of a live experience, a community and have personal support, so we need to ensure we deliver this. 

Route to Membership 

There are multiple ways in which prospects and new customers become aware of your facilities, but do you effectively track this, and more importantly does this affect the next steps? 

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