Market Research:

Exploring customers’ actions and views prior to purchasing a health and fitness membership

In December 2021 we set out on a project to understand the modern consumer and their shopping and buying habits.  We asked some of our clients to participate in the research by surveying their existing members.  Following feedback from over 1,000 customers we analysed the data and produced the full report which you can download below.

Here are just 6 of the top takeaways from the research:

  1. The main reason for joining is to Improve Physical Health

  2. 75% of people exercise on their own

  3. Location, price and facilities are the top influencers on a customer’s decision to join

  4. 76% of respondents said they couldn’t remember being prompted to join by any advertising

  5. Only 8% of customers join online without a visit first

  6. 56% of customers visit your website or search online before joining

Download the full report